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Plastics are an essential element of the living and working environment. In that respect, they appear as a universal base material in all industries. Our semi-finished products are frequently used for surprising purposes, requested as an alternative to other materials or to make an application possible in the first place. Some examples from our long list are displayed here:


Medical products

Specialised semi-finished products by ER&GE are suitable for many different uses within the medical sector. Our plastics boast hygienic advantages and a wide range of properties

Furniture and household

As well as their excellent processing properties, ER&GE plastics also display good physiological compatibility. This is significant wherever people are handling personal items and food.

Storage technology and
packaging manufacturers

People working in logistics are interested in stability, safety and intelligent solutions when storage technology and packaging is concerned. With our semi-finished plastics, ER&GE makes a significant contribution to the entire packaging concept.

Manufacturing of
chemical apparatus and tanks

The manufacturing of chemical apparatus and tanks is a classic area of application for extruded sheets made of PP and PE-HD. Due to their diverse chemical resistance levels, our semi-finished products are perfect for use as base materials for different containers.

Find out more about how
PE-LD and PE-HD respond to chemicals
in our Downloads section.

Automotive suppliers and
vehicle manufacturing

Semi-finished products by ER&GE are used in the manufacturing of many different vehicle components. These include moulded and stamped components from semi-finished products and bi or trilaminates made from composite material. ER&GE possesses the expertise and production capability in both areas.

Structural engineering and landscaping

Weather resistance, robustness and environmental friendliness are just a few reasons to use sheets and films in the structural engineering and landscaping industries. Their clever use leads to environmentally friendly concepts with almost emission-free and structurally sound products.

Use within the agricultural industry

Whenever the production of foodstuffs is concerned, strict rules are in place regarding hygiene measures. The advantages of polypropylene and polyethylene are obvious – they ensure that high environmental and animal welfare standards are kept. At ER&GE, we guarantee this same food production standard in our manufacturing processes. This keeps germs outside of where animals live.

Machine and plant construction

With plastics from ER&GE, many applications are possible. Our range of special products, such as antistatic or electrically conductive designs, can also be used in additional areas of application.

Manufacturers of palletable containers

Solid plastic layer pads are used for the transportation of palletised containers, such as glass and PET bottles, jars and beverage cans.

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