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Temporary modular protective flooring

During the construction of cruise ships, it’s important to protect the newly laid floor from damage caused by the movement of workers, equipment, fixtures and fittings. A protective flooring was developed that can be assembled like a jigsaw, with individual pieces coming together to form a consistent, heavy duty surface. After use, the flooring can be easily taken apart, cleaned and made ready for its next assignment.

This customer consulted ER&GE as a solution partner. We proposed sheets made from 5mm thick, corrugated polypropylene with an innovative grooved surface that prevents slipping and skidding, whilst providing a drainage effect.


Transport solution for unstable sacks

Our customer produces a powder that is transported in 20kg sacks stacked on pallets. They were looking for an alternative to corrugated cardboard but had experienced problems during a short-lived attempt to use twin-wall plastic sheets. The sacks quickly began to slide when moved.

We conducted comprehensive tests and developed a co-extruded disposable layer pad that prevents unwanted movement. Smooth at the top, non-slip on the bottom, it now guarantees a stable separating layer. The sacks nest into the layer pad which stops further movement. The use of this product in automation is also possible with similar large-scale packaging.


Extremely flat layer pad for ultra-light plastic components

A manufacturer of milk powder packaging approached us with a specific task: they wanted a layer pad for an extremely light lid with a spoon inserted inside, that could be integrated into their automation process. This would normally be no problem, however this task was particularly challenging because of the lightness of the packaged goods.

We developed an extremely smooth layer pad, which is not only automation-compatible, but also contributes to stability within the later stages of the packaging process: once completed, the pallet stacks are equipped with corner boards and secured with stretch film. When the expansion behaviour of plastic under different thermal conditions is also considered, the entire complexity of the task becomes clear. Now the client is carrying out their work with a well-functioning and especially economical solution.

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